Stay with a homestay family in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens,…

What do homestay host families offer in New York State?

All homestays offer readily furnished rooms or self-contained studio suites including utilities with or without meal plans. Host families share their homes and lifestyle with students and introduce students and newcomers to their immediate family, friends, and community at large. Many homestay students and families have mutually benefited greatly from homestay arrangements and established bonds and friendships that lasted for years or lifetime.

New York Homestay Agency – NHA

New York Homestay is a premier homestay agency who offers placement services with local hosts and their families. We also provide multinational students and newcomers the opportunity to stay in shared and private accommodations with host families in New York City – NYC.

NHA’s commitment Of Excellence to relocating students and newcomers tO NEW YORK

The homestay agency’s ultimate goal is solving the challenges arizing from inadequate student housing or accommodations in NYC. Help you, the student or newcomer, in finding reasonably priced homestay accommodations with the local families in New York state.

Since 2005 the homestay agency has been building relationships with most homestay hosts and families in the New York area. We helped a large number of students and interns find suitable family accommodations. Most of these hosts offered great support to students, and many continue to do so.

How our homestay AGents can quickly assist you?

Let NHA’s team of coordinators help you find the right homestay for you. Your homestay agent who has the right relationships and expertise can quickly match your requirements with those from the local hosts. She or he will waste no time to help you meet most of your homestay expectations.

How to apply for a homestay placement in New York?

Whether you will need homestay near the city center, your school or college, we try to reduce your commute time as much as possible. We will do our utmost to find a homestay for you near rapid transit routes.

Join us today, and let’s welcome you to your host family in New York.